Intakt CD 360 / 2021



Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy Newsletter, April 2021 (DE)


Aldo del Noce, Soundcontest Blog, April 14 2021 (IT)


Jan van Leersum,, Apr 2021 (BE)


Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz, May 5 2021 (EN)


Sergio Liberati,, Jun 2021 (FR)



Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise, London, July 2021

Stephan Richter, Jazzpodium, Juli 2021


Stuart Broomer, The New York City Jazz Record, June 2021 (EN)


Simon Camatta, Freistil Magazine, June 2021 (DE)


Hiroki Sugita, Japan Jazz Magazine, May 2021 (JP)


Guy Peters, Jazz & Mo Magazine, June 2021 (BE)


Filipe Freitas,, April 15 2021 (EN)


Ben Taffijn,, Jun 10 2021 (NL)


Paul Jaillet, Jazz Magazine (France), August 2021(FR)


Kevin Whitehead,, Jul 19, 2021 (EN)


Jean Buzelin,, Aug 22 2021 (FR)


Claudio Sessa, Note Blu:Corriere della Sera, Aug 08 2021 (IT)

Claudio Sessa, Note Blu:Corriere della Sera, Aug 08 2021 (IT)


Jazz is not a competitive sport and Best Ofs are misnomers. End of the year listicles have no bearing on the artistic standing of the albums they include, or on those they neglect, just like a five star review doesn't make the album it graces any better than it already is.

Ludovico Granvassu, All About Jazz, Dec 29 2021 (EN)


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