Piano: Irène Schweizer


Barry Guy: Bass, Director
Henry Lowther: Trumpet
Marc Charig: Cornet
Jon Corbett: Trumpet
Conrad Bauer: Trombone
Radu Malfatti: Trombone
Alan Tomlinson: Trombone
Steve Wick: Tuba
Trevor Watts: Reeds
Evan Parker: Reeds
Simon Picard: Reeds
Peter McPhail: Reeds
Paul Dunmall: Reeds
Phil Wachsmann: Violine
Irène Schweizer: Piano
Barre Phillips: Bass
Paul Lytton: Drums


Liner Notes: Bert Noglik
Cover Art: Max Bill
Photo: Johannes Anders
Intakt CD 024

Recorded Febr. 1991 at Zürich. Engineer: Peter Pfister
Executive Production: Patrik Landolt



Commissioned by the Fabrikjazz Collective on the occasion of Irène Schweizer's 50th birthday, Theorie continues Barry Guy's successful syncreticism vis a vis the predetermined and the spontaneous. And while one senses the clear lines of demarcation between the two, the manner in which each is fueled or catalyzed addresses their mutual interdependence - a pivotal concern in Guy's aesthetic.

Two aspects of Theoria are particularly striking. The recurring syncopated orchestral riff is an unusual signpost for Guy, and therein lies its attraction. Of greater interest and import are the quick solo/small group change-ups with orchestral support during the last section of the piece. One hears not only a succession of individual voices, but a shifting textural tapestry as well. Put another way, these divergent concise statements blend to form a striking multi-timbred voice which is, in essence, the London Jazz Composers Orchestra.

Milo Fine, CADENCE, USA, April 1993

Barry Guy, Irène Schweizer, Jazzfestival Willisau 1994. Foto: Johannes Anders



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