Eugene Chadbourne: Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, Voice

Recorded April 27 and 29, 1992 at Radio Studio DRS Zürich
Engineer: Peter Pfister
Cover art: Peter Fischli and David Weiss
Liner notes: Fredi Bosshard and Patrik Landolt

Intakt CD 025 and Intakt CD 026


For me playing solo is the purest form of expression. The two solo CDs Strings and Songs give a representativ cross section of my work. In a way they go to the heart of my music.
Eugene Chadbourne


«Free improvised country & western bebop». Folk and traditional songs by Tim Buckley, Phil Ochs, Wilie Nelson, Nick Drake … which will not escape unscathed if the cover versions are compared with the originals. The guitarist, banjo player and singer Eugene Chadbourne says of his own music: «Imagine a world where Johnny Cash and Phil Ochs meet head on with Derek Bailey and you are getting close.»

Strings is a plurely instrumental production. Eight titles are Chadbourne’s improvisations among compositions by Sonny Rolling, Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington.
Eugene Chadbourne about Songs: «I like the songs, they are very honest, very emotional.»



Den beinahe diebischen Spaß, jederzeit in jede erdenkliche Richtung gehen zu können, ohne sich an einem klassischen Kanon abarbeiten zu müssen, hört man Chadbournes gesamtem Oeuvre an.


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