Stephan Crump: Acoustic Bass
Kris Davis: Piano
Eric McPherson: Drums

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1. Borderlands 26:32
2. Carnaval Hill 2:06
3. Flockwork 7:52
Ochre 3:40
5. Body Waves 6:31
6. From Polliwogs 5:59

Music by Eric McPherson, Kris Davis and Stephan Crump.
Recorded December
18, 2016, at The Samurai Hotel, Queens, NY by David Stoller.
by Stephan Crump at The Butler Plaza, Brooklyn, NY.
Mastered by Liberty
Ellman at 4D Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Cover art and graphic design: Jonas
Schoder. Liner notes: Jim Macnie. Photo: Jimmy Katz.
Produced by Kris
Davis, Stephan Crump, Eric McPherson and Intakt Records, Patrik Landolt.
Published by Intakt Records.

Intakt CD 295 / 2017


Borderlands Trio, the collective effort of bassist Stephan Crump, pianist Kris Davis and drummer Eric McPherson, has luck on its side. Less than a year old, its chemistry is unusually deep. And while I don’t often use the term, it’s also a band that boasts a bit of magic.
The album title Asteroida is the Latin term for starfish – a creature that can regenerate parts of itself whenever need be. That idea resonates with Crump because of the trio’s ability to steadily develop new landscapes, and the Stephan Crump reminds that the word starfish conjures notions of both the ocean and outer space. ‘Gravity, magnetism, constellations, nature. With this band, we’re always expanding and contracting, recontextualizing what’s around us and heading for the instantly inevitable.’
Ultimately Asteroidea is a treatise on immediacy and a deep dive into the spectrum of responses made by any one gesture. Pay close attention. Its grooves are always morphing, its drama boasts moments of whimsy, and its creators are just getting started.

Jim Macnie, from the liner notes

Photo: Jimmy Katz

Das BorderlandsTrio startete vor einem Jahr mit Konzerten in New York. Die Chemie stimmte, ja sie ist, wie der Journalist Jim Macnie schreibt „ungewöhnlich tief“.

Stephan Crump, der die Band Rhombal und Rosetta leitet und Mitglied des Vijyay Iyer Trio ist, setzt mit dem Borderland Trio seine aussergewöhnlichen Veröffentlichungen bei Intakt fort. In dieser Duo- und Trio-Reihe mit Musikern wie Steve Lehman, Mary Halvorson, Ingrid Laubrock und Cory Smythe pflegt der Bassist Stephan Crump die Abenteuer der Improvisaiton, das Glück des freien Spiels. So auch mit dem Borderlands Trio. Die Pianistin Kris Davis gehört zu den gefragten Musikerinnen er jüngeren Generation in New York und Eric McPherson, der sich einen Namen in Bands von Andrew Hill und Fred Hersch machte, gilt als einer der feinfühligsten Schlagzeugern. Drei grosse Persönlichkeiten, eine Band mit Magie.


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